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Instancy Knowledge Community Portal

Google, Yahoo, and Amazon revolutionized communication and demonstrated the power of the web, online communities, and social networks. The same power is now available to vertical industry, trade groups, associations, or special interest groups.

Focused on the needs of industry or special interest groups…

The Instancy Knowledge Community Portal enables ongoing communication among buyers, sellers, or other stakeholders using structured (knowledge databases, Webinars, events, surveys, polls, news, job postings and information aggregation and dissemination) and unstructured (discussion, blogs, informal networking) models. Specific information may be pushed based on member profiles and interest areas.

Aggregate search-enabled content…

Knowledge communities thrive on timely and relevant content. Instancy’s solution combines search-enabled content management, rapid content aggregation using web templates and workflows, and push-based content dissemination.

Generate revenues through sponsorship and Ads…

Internet marketing and online ads have become a well-known tool for generating interest and increasing sales of products and services. The Instancy Knowledge Community Portal enables sponsorship registration and banner ad management.

Generate metrics that provide value to sponsors and members…

Sponsors need measurements to gauge member interest in their services and products. Tracking member behavior and activity drives revenue-generating new services and products and allows for personalization of products and services. The Instancy solution not only collects data but enables visualization of aggregate data and uses email pushes that drive decisions.

Generate more revenue through e-commerce and merchandizing…

Knowledge communities enable informed buying decisions. The Instancy solution provides integrated content with e-commerce-enabled content catalogs.

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Knowledge Community in Action - case study.